Grace Academy
Monday, December 09, 2019
Kids Growing in Grace

Elementary School

Welcome to Grace Academy Elementary School
     Grace Academy is dedicated to bringing all students to their highest potential academically, socially and spiritually.We look forward to our time together to teach principles that will help guide them in the years to come.
Grace Academy takes seriously the responsibility of being a quality school with a instructional program for elementary students that is Biblically centered and encourages  the educational growth of each student. 
Kindergarten Program

Grace Academy offers a full-day K5 program five days a week. Our program offers advanced reading books as well as many visual aids to enhance learning in Bible, phonics, science, character development and reading. Developmental activities re-enforce our strong academic program. Kindergarten students participate in the following special classes: art, music, computer, library and physical education.


Elementary Program

Language Arts - The language arts area consists of English, reading, and spelling. Phonics are taught in the first and second grades with comprehension skills stressed as the child matures in reading. Grammar, punctuation, and good writing skills are emphasized. The Bible is used as a literary model and quality literature is selected to enhance the total language arts experience. It is Grace Academy’s belief that a strong language arts program is the basis for a quality education.

Mathematics - The goal of the mathematics curriculum is to teach the student  math procedures, to become familiar with mathematical language, to increase logical reasoning, to develop computational proficiency, to practice math skills as they pertain to life, to use formulas and math aids such as protractors and calculators, to use place value in writing numerals and solving equations, and to solve word problems. Math is orderly and we are able to stress the orderliness of God in creation. Math is taught from the viewpoint of using skills to be better stewards of time, money and self.

Science - Students study and learn science concepts that are based on God's Word. They are taught to see the world as God's creation and to see His plan as revealed in His orderly creation. Students learn scientific principles and utilize hands-on activities to comprehend science concepts.

Social Studies - The purpose of the social studies program is to create an awareness of community, state, country, and the world. Students are taught a basic knowledge of map skills, geography terms, and to trace the steps of Christianity in history.  Students are introduced to missionaries and outstanding people God has used in history to complete His plan. Classroom discussion integrates God's history with God's Word. Students are taught  to be good citizens in their community.

Bible - Bible classes are to develop an understanding of who God is, why He made us, and our role as Christians in society. Our goal is to introduce each student to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to nurture those students who have the assurance of salvation. Application of Biblical principles into daily life is stressed. Our desire is to create within each student a security in the fact that God created them uniquely and in His image and that He has a plan and a purpose for their lives.

Specials Offered– K5-5th: Classes in physical education, art instruction, computers, library, and music. NOTE: Computer course for grades 2nd - 5th

Sports: Kindergarten - 5th grade sports are offered through the YMCA, YFL, Upward and Rowan Flames. See Coach Matt for information.

 For information please contact the Admissions Office 704.279.6683 ext. 2 or email Sandy Phillips at

Fax# 704-233-3334 or 704-279-6192