Grace Academy
Monday, February 17, 2020
Kids Growing in Grace


If you have questions about our school's athletic program please contact Coach Matt.
Our local YMCA has partnered with Grace Academy to allow our students to play together when possible. If you are interested in helping couch please contact the director.
Grace Academy is committed to the pursuit of Christ-centered excellence in athletics. Your child will have the opportunity to get involved in several team sports such as soccer and basketball.
Students are challenged physically and mentally as they learn to work as a team with their classmates. The team experience builds foundational skills of leadership, teamwork, competition, commitment, integrity, and achievement. All athletes are expected to promote and demonstrate respect, courage, patience, and commitment among their teammates and with adults. We expect that our athletes will use these skills in the art of leadership as well as in the discipline of their specific sport(s).
NOTE: Our local YMCA and YFL offer a variety of sports opportunities to Kindergarten - 5th grade students of Grace Academy.